35 years old Chilean, English – Spanish Translator minor in International Trade – B.A. Degree from the Universidad Tecnológica de Chile INACAP.


Our founder has been raised between Chile and the United States, she has taken advantage of this life opportunity and has developed her professional skills through various courses such as:

  • *Business portuguese. | Centro Cultural Brazil (USA)
  • * SDL – Translations Technology Insights | (USA)
  • *Transcreation and copywriting certificate | Juan Macarlupu (Argentina)
  • *Subtitle translation certificate |  Juan Macarlupu (Argentina)
  • *Translation of clinical trial protocols certificate | Juan Macarlupu (Argentina)
  • *Medical translation certificate | EATRI (Chile)
  • *Fundamentals of medical translation II certificate | Juan Macarlupu (Argentina)

Fluent in English, Spanish, and Portuguese; currently learning Chilean Sign Language in ESILENSE and French. By the year 2021, starting with a new challenge in the United States to improve her knowledge in the Translation world.

Constantly, learning and enriching herself With more knowledge and contributing her share to the world and help break down language barriers; this is why she has written the slogan “We Connect The World” because she believes that the world can be one.

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